People and craft. Hand made crafted products.


Authenticity. We are exclusive and avant-garde. We are sure you can find a fragrance in our LAB that makes you feel that way, unique.


Our consumers and the time they deserve. We take care of every detail, filling each bottle one by one.


In the power of scent, we know that memories are connected through our senses, what we smell,
what we see and what makes us happy.


Deeply about our planet

The packaging we use for our product is 100% recyclable,
biodegradable, and made from materials that won't harm
the environment.

Our bottles are reusable thanks to their refillability.

We are building a sustainable world.

Our raw material comes from Grasse, a village located on the
French Riviera, in the mountains north of Cannes, a place known for being the world capital of perfumery.

We assemble and create our final product in Colombia, made by Colombian hands that take care of every detail.

They fill each bottle with "pure love".

In this LAB we have been mixing scents, doing experiments and tests since 2019.

In 2022 we managed to establish NNT LAB in order to revolutionize the world of conventional perfumery.

We hope you enjoy our experience and find your scent.

Welcome to our slow perfumery